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  • Course Coordinator - NURP 533
    Simmons University


    [b]Course Coordinator - NURP 533[/center]

    Remote - NationalMain Campus - Boston, MA


    Course Coordinator - NURP 533

    The Course Coordinator is a 12-month full-time faculty contract position employed by the University reporting to the [url=]Nursing@Simmons[/url] Faculty Program Director and Chair of Graduate Nursing Programs. The Course Coordinator will be prepared as a Family Nurse Practitioner or have equivalent experience. This role requires both teaching and administrative responsibilities. The standard teaching load for full-time contract faculty at Simmons University is 7 sections per year or the equivalent workload. For the Nursing at Simmons contract faculty this workload equivalence is 28 workload units. The teaching load for your appointment will be:

    [*] Serve as Section Instructor for 12 sections (24 WLU)
    [*] Serve as Course Coordinator for all cycles of NURP 533 (4 WLU)
    [*] To attend and support 2 Immersion Weekends

    The Course Coordinator also holds an administrative appointment related to managing all program needs and day-to-day operations related to NURP 533. Key responsibilities include overseeing the curriculum, faculty/staff and overall student experience in all FNP III Primary Care Nursing courses. The Course Coordinator plays a key role in ensuring academic rigor and curricular alignment with the on-campus Simmons MSN program, while meeting the needs of current students and aligning with the overall vision of the standards of Simmons College of Natural, Behavioral, and Health Sciences (CNBHS) and the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

    Drawing on an instructional design background and technological skill set, this person is instrumental in making recommendations for course development and revisions, and working with the course production team to realize these changes. Additionally, the Course Coordinator works closely with the Talent Recruiter to vet and hire faculty for all didactic clinical courses. This person ensures faculty readiness, mentors other Section Instructors in online teaching and learning methods, and works to develop, and retain faculty/staff. Finally, through collaboration with the Faculty Program Director, academic support staff, and other pertinent individuals, this person assists in investigating and resolving escalated student and staff/faculty issues according to University policies and procedures

    [b]Essential Functions [/b]

    [b]Clinical Didactic Curriculum Support and Delivery: [/b]

    [*] Manages the educational process to ensure every student and faculty member in NURP 533 is involved in a positive educational experience through the learning, teaching and social environment, and is meeting curricular learning objectives/competencies.
    [*] Elicits, supports and implements curricular revision and development from Section Instructors to ensure course and program objectives are achieved. [/list]

    [b]Oversight of Student Experience & Resolution of Student Issues: [/b]

    [*] Work closely with academic support team and other pertinent individuals to closely monitor overall student experience in NURP 533
    [*] Oversee and ensure consistency in all grading practices in NURP 533
    [*] Investigate and resolve student educational issues requiring academic actions in consultation with the Faculty Program Director and other pertinent individuals according to University policies and procedures.
    [*] Collaborates with Office of Student Affairs and Office of Student Disabilities on student and faculty concerns [/list]

    [b]Clinical Didactic Curriculum Faculty/Staff Supervision: [/b]

    [*] Provide faculty mentoring, training, evaluation and development.
    [*] Ensure faculty readiness around online teaching and learning methods, playing a crucial role in talent development and retention.
    [*] In collaboration with the Talent Recruiter, interview and approve adjunct faculty to teach within assigned courses
    [*] Collaborate with [url=]Nursing@Simmons[/url] leadership team to ensure evaluation and assessment of NURP 533 adjunct faculty are being conducted on an interval and annual basis. [/list]

    [b]Course Coordinator Duties (NURP 533): [/b]

    [*] Serve as primary Course Lead for NURP 533 during all launches of the course during contract year.
    [*] Serve as Section Instructor 12 times per contract year or the equivalent workload
    [*] Oversee Section Instructor teaching of course materials from approved curriculum in accordance with assigned course schedule
    [*] Hold regular meetings with Section Instructors to ensure course expectations are being met, including prepping section instructors for course content and objectives for each session
    [*] Hosts content review meetings with students pre/post all major exams
    [*] Observe synchronous classes with each Section Instructor to ensure consistency and quality
    [*] Partner with Simmons Online Instructional Designer to better cultivate and mentor Section Instructors for best practices as an effective online instructor and their use of the technology
    [*] Provide regular, accurate, and timely assistance, feedback and support to Section Instructors relative to their performance
    [*] Foster and encourage online Section Instructors to promote a culture of learning that values mutual responsibility, lifelong learning, diversity, and ethics, as well as personal and professional development
    [*] In the case of emergency, find a replacement Section Instructor and/or cover the teaching for that section until a replacement can be found
    [*] Review final student grades for distribution curve; handle escalated issues regarding student grades
    [*] Handle student escalations as they arise
    [*] Work with Program Director to define objectives and evaluation criteria for Section Instructors
    [*] Keep documentations of Section Instructor work and correspondence (as necessary), maintaining and reporting participation and faculty evaluations as appropriate
    [*] Openly communicate with [url=]Nursing@Simmons[/url] staff regarding course, instructor and/or student related problems and concerns
    [*] Complete formative faculty evaluations on an annual basis for each section instructor, or as requested by [url=]Nursing@Simmons[/url] program administrators. [/list]

    [b]Specific Course Improvement Duties (NURP 533): [/b]

    [*] Responsible for all course edits/ improvements and in conducting exam analysis, including examination review, and regular exam/quiz maintenance
    [*] Responsible for all course iterations and any revision and/or major redesign work necessary to ensure consistent quality and alignment with on ground courses.
    [*] Survey effectiveness of coursework throughout and following each running of course
    [*] Manage, maintain the content, and update course for continuous quality improvement
    [*] Develops and reviews standardized exam questions for assigned course, including developing/maintaining test question bank (approximately 100-150 questions) on a regular basis, as instructed by the Dean or Director of Nursing@Simmons[/url] [/list]

    [b]Service Responsibilities:[/b]

    [*] Participates in relevant committees and other team meetings/projects either virtually or in person as assigned by the Dean or Director of Nursing@Simmons[/url]
    [*] Attends [url=]Nursing@Simmons[/url] Core Meetings and other relevant meetings virtually or in person as requested
    [*] Serve as active voting member of CNBHS, attending quarterly meetings in person or virtually
    [*] Other service duties as assigned by the Dean or Director of Nursing@Simmons[/url]
    [*] Obtain APRN or RN licensure in additional states as determined by the Operations Director (licensure fees reimbursed by Simmons University).
    [*] Be available to serve as a resource for state licensure requirements in the state(s) in which assigned
    [*] Be available to sign off as a designated [url=]Nursing@Simmons[/url] representative on program related documents required by the respective State Boards of Nursing to maintain program integrity. [/list]

    [b]General Qualifications: [/b]

    [*] MSN required, DNP preferred
    [*] Experienced, board certified Family Nurse Practitioner license required
    [*] At least 2+ years clinical and nursing education experience required
    [*] Graduate level, clinical didactic teaching experience required
    [*] Online teaching exposure/experience preferred
    [*] Must obtain/maintain Massachusetts RN license [/list]

    Simmons University is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to excellence in education and employment through diversity. The University embraces diversity and defines it to include race, gender, gender identify, national origin, ethnicity, religion, social class, age, sexual orientation, and physical and learning ability.

    [b]Instructions to Applicants[/b]: Please upload [b]all[/b] applicable application materials (e.g. resume/cv, cover letter, writing sample, teaching philosophy, etc.) in the "Resume/CV" box on page 2 ("My Experience") of this application. Documents can be uploaded individually or as a combined document (e.g. PDF).

    Simmons University is committed to inclusive excellence in all aspects of an individual's community experience. As a university committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Simmons encourages applications from all under-represented groups. Simmons is committed to creating, developing, promoting, and enhancing inclusive hiring practices-at all levels, for all positions-ensuring diverse talent pools and the delivery of a consistent positive candidate experience. Simmons is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to continuing to develop a more diverse faculty, staff, student body, and curriculum.

    [b]To apply, visit [url=][/url][/b]

    [i]Located in Bostons historic Fenway area, Simmons College is a small, private, non-sectarian College which has educated students for enriching careers and purposeful lives since 1899. Working at Simmons means joining a collaborative, diverse and mission-driven community of educators and professionals.

    We prepare students to be leaders for themselves, their communities and the world. Our faculty and staff members lead by example - sharing a commitment to excellence and putting the students first.[/i]

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